Working Environment

At our factory, we set a high standard for working conditions and job satisfaction. Employees are educated about the entire manufacturing process and cross-trained to perform multiple functions of garment construction. Our flexible modular manufacturing system results in superior quality, fewer injuries and worker empowerment. In addition, performance incentives for team achievements engender pride, teamwork and camaraderie.

Our emphasis on cross-training is critical to our capabilities. IRII’s mantra is to “train the brain, not the hands.” By investing the time and money into advanced training programs, we can achieve the highest quality for both simple and complex garments, while still maintaining the flexibility our customers require.

DXW_5407Shared value investments play a big role here. We strongly believe that if our workers are not worried about adequate food, healthcare, housing or education for themselves and their families, they will be far more productive, achieve higher quality metrics, and show up for work regularly. A high retention rate for well-trained workers translates directly to more flexibility and efficiency in the factory. It’s a win-win, pure and simple.

We strictly adhere to Better Work Haiti and Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) standards. In addition, as part of our funding engagement with the Inter-American Development Bank, we created an extensive environmental and social management plan which you can learn about here on the IDB website. We encourage all prospective customers to come visit us for a tour of the plant and meet our team.