Industrial Revolution II is a different kind of garment factory. Social advancement for our workers, their families and our neighbors is equally as important to us as delivering our customers the highest quality products and services. Our “shared value” business model embraces the idea that not all profit is created equal. Profits involving a social purpose represent a higher form of capitalism, one that creates a positive cycle of company and community prosperity.

IRII invests 50% of profits into our workers, their families and the local community. These expenditures are not charitable donations, but rather durable investments into healthcare, education, training and infrastructure, all geared toward improving social conditions and promoting economic development in the region.

Through these investments we can achieve a collective prosperity among IRII’s shareholders, its workers and the surrounding community. This philosophy is in alignment with the aspirations of the people we are investing in, who crave the dignity and hope which accompany a good job and economic opportunity, as opposed to simple handouts.

DXW_5444Our first business, located in Haiti, provides manufacturing services to apparel brands and fashion designers who value responsible sourcing practices as much as beautiful production results. Despite our unique business model, IRII competes on the basis of quality and price, without relying on customer or consumer charity for success. As transparency and sourcing ethics become more critical for all industry players, IRII offers our customers a unique value proposition: the ability to demonstrate highly responsible sourcing practices at no extra cost.

It is our mission at IRII to prove that creating social progress and a thriving business need not be mutually exclusive endeavors. The race to the bottom is ending, and a new industrial revolution is beginning. This time, the revolution’s rewards will accrue to all participants, not just a few.